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The 2015 pension adequacy report - Current and future income adequacy in old age in the EU : country profiles Volume II (2015)

This 2015 edition of the Pension Adequacy Report, published in two volumes, assesses the degree to which pensions manage to provide older people with adequate income and poverty protection. Having examined the role of pensions in current living standards, the report discusses the impact of recent pension reforms, analyses the future risks to adequate old-age incomes and makes suggestions as to how these risks might be addressed by Member States, notably by women and men postponing their retirement by working to higher ages and by saving more. The report also underlines the need for mechanisms to protect those unable to have sufficiently long careers and to save adequately. While the main report, published as volume I, is devoted to a comparative analysis of pension adequacy at EU-28 level, a detailed discussion of pension adequacy in each of the 28 Member States is given in volume II.

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07.12.2015 - Emily Morard