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Protección Social

Estableciendo pisos de protección social y sistemas integrales de seguridad social


The principles and practice of social protection - CSDA-FES Symposium, Johannesburg, 9-10 March 2015

CSDA - FED Symposium "Social protection principles and practice, beyond 2015" (March 9th and 10th 2015)

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of reductions in poverty and inequality through social protection

On March 9th and 10th  2015, a Symposium about the principles and practice of social protection is organised by the Center for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and the University of Johannesburg. Social protection policies will be discussed from a critical point of view trying not only to underline the continuities between the principles and the practice but also the discontinuities. This meeting will aim to build a bridge between theorists and practitioners by giving them the opportunity to debate on ethical framework (principles) and action plans (practice). Eminent guest speakers such as Prof Armando Barrientos, Dr Sophie Plagerson and Dr Marianne S Ulriksen, Ndangwa Nayoo, Dr Stephen Devereux or Luis Frota will honoured us by their presence for an event of the utmost importance.

Read the programme of the Symposium (only available in English)


Eventos : 09.03.2015 - 10.03.2015

05.03.2015 - Marjolaine Rion