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ILO-Japan project for promoting and building social protection in Asia (Indonesia - 4th phase)

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This page is managed by the ILO-Japan project (Indonesia) for knowledge management. The regional project aims at improving unemployment protection and extending social protection to workers in the informal economy in Asia. For more detail about the project, please have a look at About us.

Events and meetings

25 Mar 2021 SPL1: Seminar on countering unemployment in the United Kingdom

31 Mar 2021 Technical meeting on the results of feasibility study on a proposed unemployment benefit scheme with the government

05 Apr 2021 Technical meeting on JKK and JKM with Social Protection Director of MOM

27 Apr 2021 Workshop on actuarial work for unemployment scheme

03 May - 11 Jun 2021 E-Learning on actuarial work for social security

03 May - 11 Jun 2021 E-Learning on contribution collection and compliance

22 Jun - 05 Jul 2021 Workshop on investment governance and asset and liability management

12 Jul 2021 Meeting with BAPPENAS on pension reforms

13 Jul 2021 Meeting on pension reforms with Ministry of Finance

14 Jul 2021 ILO-TEMPO interactive discussion: From unemployed to get back to work, what can unemployment insurance do?

15 Jul 2021 Technical meeting on pension with Social Protection Director of MOM

23 Jul 2021 Meeting with the directorate of social protection on pension work

28 Jul 2021 SPL2: Digital channels for public employment services and unemployment benefit schemes in Asia

29 Jul 2021 Meeting with BPJS on data request

09 Aug 2021 Academy on decent work in the rural economy

16 Aug 2021 FGD on BPJS study on adequacy of JHT replacement rate

25 Aug 2021 SPL3: The role of stakeholders in social protection reform in South Africa

31 Aug 2021 TUD1: Benefits and challenges in JKP implementation

06 Sep 2021 Tripartite meeting: ILO Social Protection Programme in Indonesia

29 Sep 2021 SPL4: Reforms of the employment insurance system of Korea in coping with the COVID-19 crisis 

30 Sep 2021 TUD2: Policy Options for Old-age Pension Reform

16 Sep 2021 Technical meeting: Briefing on JKP operations

20 Sep 2021 Technical meeting: Briefing on Employment Injury Insurance (EII)

22 Sep 2021 Technical meeting: FGD on JKP operations

11 Oct - 29 Nov 2021 Pilot training on Computer Network and Motion Graphic

15 Oct 2021 Technical meeting: Briefing on pension and old-age benefits (JP & JHT)

21 Oct 2021 FGD: Life-long universal social protection

27 Oct 2021 SPL5: Socio-economic conditions of old age population in Indonesia and their perception on old age income protection

28 Oct 2021 TUD3: Feasibility for implementing maternity benefit scheme

24 Nov 2021 SPL6: Social protection and climate change

30 Nov 2021 TUD4: Workers’ perspectives on reformation of social protection system

20 Dec 2021 Online Discussion - Maternity Leave and Benefit: Are Women Protected?

21 Dec 2021 Technical meeting: policy discussion on old-age pension system reform in Indonesia

11 Jan 2022 Technical meeting: update on social protection priority in Indonesia

26 Jan 2022 SPL7: Maternity and paternity benefits across the world

29 Jan 2022 TUF1: The roles of trade unions in governance of social protection system

05 Jul 2022 Discussion on Maternity Protection in Indonesia

07 Jul 2022 Blended Vocational Training in BLK in Indonesia: Curriculum standardization, Instructors’ competencies, and Implementation of training programmes

13 Jul 2022 Technical meeting with Director of Social Protection Ministry of Manpower

18 Jul 2022 Technical meeting with BPJS Employment on financial assessment of social protection schemes in Indonesia

18 Jul 2022 Technical meeting with Executive Office of the President (KSP) on financial assessment of social protection schemes in Indonesia

19 Jul 2022 Technical meeting with Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) on financial assessment of social protection schemes in Indonesia

19 Jul 2022 Technical meeting with BAPPENAS on financial assessment of social protection schemes in Indonesia

20 Jul 2022 Roundtable discussion on pension reform in Indonesia

21 Jul 2022 Technical meeting with DJSN on financial assessment of social protection schemes in Indonesia

27 Jul 2022 Workshop with IndustriAll on maternity leave

11 Aug 2022 Training on labour and employment issues for the Governance Institute of Home Affairs (IPDN) lecturers

18 Aug 2022 Webinar on talking about education and innovation, series 5: How does technology support education and training in Indonesia?

19 Aug 2022 PES training for PASKER ID and GIZ staff

23 Aug 2022 Technical meeting of WHO and ILO meeting on SDG data and indicators with SDG secretariat

24 Aug 2022 PES training for Manpower officials

08 Sep 2022 Tripartite Discussion on Maximizing Benefits and Extending Coverage of Job Loss Protection (JKP) Programme through Solidarity

14 Sept 2022 Webinar on talking about education and innovation, series 6: What is the future of non-formal and lower than bachelor degree education and training graduates?

19 Sept 2022 BAPPENAS workshop on competitive HR development projection

20 Sept 2022 BAPPENAS FGD on evaluation of implementation of National Economic Recovery programme at the Ministry of Manpower

13 Oct 2022 Technical meeting with BAPPENAS on study on "Social insurance and climate change in Indonesia: implications to the adaptive social protection roadmap"

17 Oct 2022 FPE-KSBSI workshop on Universal Social Protection: Is it still relevant?


01 Apr 2021 Indonesia to learn from the United Kingdom to set up public employment service

11 May 2021 Extending social protection to Indonesian digital workers

14 Jul 2021 ILO: Employment Insurance (JKP) – A step to deliver the integrated assistance for job seekers

22 Jul 2021 Indonesia to prepare integrated public employment service to assist unemployed finds new job

02 Sep 2021 ILO facilitates stakeholders learning on social protection

26 Oct 2021 Video: Understanding employment insurance and active labour market policy

05 Nov 2021 Universal pension, what is it? Why is it necessary?

23 Dec 2021 Podcast - How protected are pregnant workers

03 June 2022 ILO facilitates bipartite discussions on strengthening social security system

01 Jul 2022 The process leading to the establishment of an employment insurance scheme in Indonesia from an ILO perspective

13 Sep 2022 Indonesian unemployment insurance scheme reviewed for improvements after six-months of implementation

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22 Jun 2021 Actuarial analysis of a proposed unemployment insurance scheme in Indonesia

25 Nov 2021 Reforms of the employment insurance system of the Republic of Korea to cope with the COVID-19 crisis


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