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Protección Social

Estableciendo pisos de protección social y sistemas integrales de seguridad social

Social Protection: Assessment, Costing and Beyond

ILO - Chulalongkorn University workshop on Assessment Based National Dialogue

Training course on “Social Protection: Assessment, Costing and Beyond” organised by ILO DWT Bangkok, in close collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, from 15 - 19 Oct, 2012


The workshop serves as a platform for technical staff from government and non-government institutions, worker and employer organizations, academia, UN agencies and other development partners involved in the design, costing and implementation of social protection and social security programmes to come together. Through the workshop, it is intended for participants to:

1. Better understand the concepts of social security and the Social Protection Floor,

2. Share experiences and ideas on country roadmaps, national Social Protection Floor strategies and initiatives to extend social protection to all,

3. Learn the main steps involved in conducting the Assessment Based National Dialogue exercise,

4. Gain technical expertise in designing and costing of social protection schemes,

5. Enhance their understanding of how collaboration with the ILO and other UN agencies can be carried out to conduct an assessment of social protection and implement recommendations.

The training course is a valuable opportunity to share methodologies and experiences between countries that have already conducted the assessment exercise and those that have not performed the assessment process. In preparation for the course, a training manual on the process of assessment and costing was developed. The manual may be used as a guide to conduct the Assessment Based National Dialogue exercise and to organise future workshops.


Terms of reference | Agenda | List of participants | Report | Media release | Photographs

Manual: Introduction | Module I | Module II | Module III | Module IV | Module V

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