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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Extending social protection for migrant workers, refugees and their families

Today, an estimated 244 million people live outside their country of origin. A myriad of reasons ranging from a lack of economic and social opportunities and rising unemployment figures to an increased demand for labour from globalised labour markets, have brought these people to move across borders. 

Many migrant workers and their families face a multitude of challenges both in the host country as well as in their country of origin upon their return (for those who return). For some these challenges originated before their departure, in their country of origin.

One of the major challenges they face is access to social protection including health protection



The workspace extending social protection for migrant workers, refugees and their families aims to collect and share information on social protection for migrants amongst and for members of the workspace to support ongoing and future work in 4 areas: promotion, knowledge development, capacity building and through projects & partnerships including inter-agency efforts at the global, regional and country level. It is an inter-active platform with dynamic modules and content that can be modified and updated according to the needs of the members.


1. How-to guide including good practices

2. New ILO-ITC training course (face-to-face) -  Apply here

3. Free on-line training course (upcoming)

2. Policy and country briefs

3. Projects and partnerships