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Tripartite Seminar on Enhancing Social Protection in an Integrated ASEAN Community, 25-26 November 2015, Jakarta

The ILO launched the report The state of social protection in ASEAN at the dawn of integration. ASEAN members states also adopted recommendations to purse efforts in extending social protection, with particular efforts to address social protection of migrant workers in ASEAN.

Dates: 25-26 November 2015

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

About the seminar
The seminar provided to ASEAN governments and social partners the opportunity for informed discussions on the role of social protection policies in facilitating ASEAN economic, social and cultural integration, by smoothing national economic upgrades and by offering cross-borders social protection. The seminar also informed on the increasing importance of social protection to reduce poverty and inequalities and achieve inclusive and sustainable development as being at the core of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda, recently adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

Participants to the seminar involved over 60 technical partners and practitioners from Ministries of Labour and Social Welfare, representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations directly involved in the advocacy and implementation of social protection measures from each of the ten ASEAN Member States, representatives of UN agencies, ASEAN Social Security Association, and experts working on social protection.

The participants to the seminar expressed their willingness to take the following actions to continue promoting social protection and rights of migrant workers in ASEAN:

a) Promote extension of social protection coverage to self-employed, small and medium enterprises and informal economy and strengthen social assistance programmes for vulnerable groups;

b) Develop common and comparable statistical indicators to measure the progress in extending social protection, in line with the indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals on social protection;

c) Organize capacity development activities of relevant officials in charge of collecting and analyzing social protection core indicators and in preparing national reports;

d) Pursue awareness raising campaigns/activities for migrant workers on social protection; improve compliance of social security provisions, and extend the use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes in promoting social protection and decent work for migrant workers;

e) Establish regional and national initiatives that support the improvement of social protection for migrant workers.

The full set of Seminar's recommendations can be viewed here.

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Press release

Opening Speech

List of participants



Presentation 1: The state of social protection at the dawn of the ASEAN integration

Presentation 2: Regional Framework and Action Plan to Implement the ASEAN Declaration on Strengthening Social Protection

Presentation 3: Measuring social protection progress: review of the Sustainable Development Goals and other key indicators

Presentation 4: Labour migration in ASEAN, the reality

Presentation 5: Social protection for migrant workers in ASEAN: developments, challenges and prospects



The state of social protection in ASEAN at the dawn of integration



Recommendations of the Tripartite seminar for enhancing social protection in an integrated ASEAN community.


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