Disability inclusive social protection

The ILO is implementing an UNPRPD financed project in partnership with UNICEF and IDA on disability inclusive social protection as well as a UNPRPD financed project on social protection responses for persons with disability to COVID-19. The projects pursue this work through four main pillars:

  • Providing systematic guidance, based on evidence and country experience, for the design and implementation of disability-inclusive social protection
  • Country technical advisory services on disability inclusive social protection
  • Strengthening capacities in partner countries and among the development community regarding disability inclusive social protection
  • Strengthening the engagement with Organisations of Persons with Disability (OPDs) on social protection

The booth will present first results and experiences of the two projects.

The booth is open to all interested parties for an informal discussion on disability inclusive social protection, inter alia touching on the following aspects:

  • Improving data on disability
  • Disability determination and assessment
  • Disability-inclusive social protection design and implementation
  • Community support services
  • Disability along the life cycle
  • Extra cost of disability