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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Session I

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Session I - The SPF and the need for coherent social protection strategies and coordination mechanisms

Sesson moderated by: H.E. Dr Tuon Thavrak, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Planning, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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1. Developing and implementing a coherent national social protection strategy through a coordination mechanism

Speaker: H.E. Sann Vathana, Deputy Secretary General, Council for Agricultural and Rural Development, Cambodia

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2. The challenge of implementing nationally defined social protection floors

Speaker: Martin Hirsch, President, Civil Service Institute & former High Commissioner for Anti-Poverty and Youth Policies, Government of France, Paris

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3. The need for coordination to give effect to the principles of the ILO Recommendation on National Floors of Social Protection

Speaker: Valerie Schmitt, ILO Bangkok

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4. The Social Protection Inter-agency Coordination Board (SPIAC-B): coordination at global and national levels

Speaker: Christine Bockstal, Coordinator Country Operations, Social Protection Department, ILO Geneva 

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5. Importance of coordination for the development of a National Health Insurance System and the design of a National Social Protection Strategy in Lao PDR

Discussant: Bouaphat Phonvisay, Deputy Director of National Health Insurance Bureau, Ministry of Health, Lao PDR, Vientiane

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