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Global Social Protection Week

100 years of social security: the road to universal social protection

The social protection week will be organized during the “historical” month of the first International Labour Conference that took place from 29 October – 29 November 1919 (with first GB that took place on 27 November 1919). The social protection week will take place in Geneva from 25-29 November 2019 (i.e. after the 337th Session of the Governing Body (that is taking place from 24 Oct 2019 to 7 November 2019).

The social protection week will include the annual meetings of the various networks that the ILO has developed as part of the multi-stakeholder partnership for SDG 1.3. It will also include a number of communication events. It will culminate with the organization of a global conference on “100 years of social security: the road to universal social protection” that will also take stock of the national/regional conferences outcomes.

During the social protection week a number of ILO position papers and publications (e.g. on social protection and the future of work, universal basic income, etc.) will be presented and disseminated.

Tentative agenda

Day 1. Workers’ meeting “100 trade unions fight for workers’ rights to social security”

  • Annual meeting of the workers’ network that aims to defend social security rights and promote universal social protection
  • Sharing results at country level, as well as results of global campaign, and announcing new activities
  • Acknowledging workers’ network contribution to the achievement of SDG 1.3

Signature of partnerships with trade union confederations (engagement to support specific projects on workers’ mobilization for social protection floors).

Day 2. Global Business Network for SPFs meeting “100 enterprises support the SPFs through the Global Business Network for SPFs”

  • Annual meeting of the GBN that aims to promote ILO social security standards to shape corporate social protection guarantees, develop the business case for social protection and promote companies’ in-country support to the development of sustainable social protection systems and floors
  • Sharing results and announcing new commitments from enterprises
  • Acknowledging GBN contribution to the achievement of SDG 1.3
  • Signature of new partnerships with enterprises

Day 3. Development partners’ meeting “100 development partners are supporting the Universal Social Protection (USP) Initiative and SDG 1.3 on social protection”

  • Results of ILO’s Flagship programme (2016-2019) and its role as part of the USP 2030 Initiative
  • Special segment on the UN SPF Window and ILO/King Baudouin Foundation Social Protection Floors fund
  • Panel discussions and market place to share results of the Flagship programme (country level projects, thematic areas, etc.), to emphasize the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships for achieving results

Signature of new partnerships with development partners as well as multi-stakeholder initiatives

Day 4. High level conference on “100 years of social security: the road to universal social protection”

  • Presentation of the USP 2030 Initiative by participating agencies, institutions and champion countries
  • Share progress made towards achieving SDG 1.3. based on ILO’s World Social Protection Database and selected country examples
  • High level panel discussions on challenges and way forward: role of social protection in a changing environment (future of work, climate change, refugee crisis, universal basic income)
  • Share highlights of the events organized by the country and regional offices during the year as part of “100 years of social security”, including regional thematic conferences, public campaigns, and partnership meetings
  • Supporting the development of a new standard (share the results of the CEACR on the global implementation of R202 that will be discussed by the Committee on the Application of Standards (CAS) at the ILC 2019)
  • Launch of the compendium on “100 countries committed to social protection” as well as other key publications (on the future of work, UBI, etc.)

Share the results of the communication and crowd funding campaign “100 million raised for social protection”

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