Social Protection

Building social protection floors
and comprehensive social security systems

Data on social Protection


To present and discuss the strategic framework, process and tools for social protection data management in the ILO.

Moderator: Shahra Razavi


1. Introduction by the moderator (3’ – Shahra Razavi)

2. Strategic framework for social protection data management in SOCPRO (5’ - Fabio Durán-Valverde)

3. The World Social Protection Database (WSPDB) and Dashboards (15’ - Zhiming Yu)

  • What is the ILO WSPDB?
  • How the data is organized? Type and data groups.
  • How the data is processed? The SSI online tool.
  • Roles and responsibilities HQ/field, and ongoing collection. How to contribute?
  • Where to find the data?  The ILO World Social Protection Data Dashboards (WSPDD).
  • What data means? Examples of indicators (SDG and non-SDG).
  • SDG Reporting, WSPR and other reports, daily rapid analysis using the WSPDB/WSPDD

4.  Recent developments and challenges in the field

Questions & answers (28’ – moderator).

Log of the session