Social Protection

Data on social Protection


To present and discuss the strategic framework, process and tools for social protection data management in the ILO.

Moderator: Shahra Razavi


1. Introduction by the moderator (3’ – Shahra Razavi)

2. Strategic framework for social protection data management in SOCPRO (5’ - Fabio Durán-Valverde)

3. The World Social Protection Database (WSPDB) and Dashboards (15’ - Zhiming Yu)

  • What is the ILO WSPDB?
  • How the data is organized? Type and data groups.
  • How the data is processed? The SSI online tool.
  • Roles and responsibilities HQ/field, and ongoing collection. How to contribute?
  • Where to find the data?  The ILO World Social Protection Data Dashboards (WSPDD).
  • What data means? Examples of indicators (SDG and non-SDG).
  • SDG Reporting, WSPR and other reports, daily rapid analysis using the WSPDB/WSPDD

4.  Recent developments and challenges in the field

Questions & answers (28’ – moderator).

Log of the session