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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


UNDG Europe and Central Asia: Joint Advocacy Messages on Social Protection

A product of the R-UNDG ECA Issue-based Coalition on Social Protection

Europe and Central Asia
09.10.2018 - James Canonge
Consultations 2020 / Download 2093

Summary (English)

The Joint Advocacy Messages covered in this note are the result of joint thinking, analytics and positioning of the regional UN system in Europe and Central Asia. They are the commitment of the UN to deliver as one on social protection in the region and at the country level. Emanating from a regional advocacy paper (“Building More Inclusive, Sustainable and Prosperous Societies in Europe and Central Asia”) that covers a wider policy scope, the Joint Advocacy Messages will foster greater policy coherence among the UN actors in the area of social protection, which will ultimately contribute to the mobilization of national and international action for the achievement of social protection for all.