Social Protection

Building social protection floors
and comprehensive social security systems


Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202)

International Labour Conference
ILO Convention / Recommendation
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Summary (English)

The Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202) was adopted by the International Labour Conference (ILC) in June 2012.

This Recommendation expresses the commitment of Member States to move towards building comprehensive social security systems and extending social security coverage by prioritizing the establishment of national floors of social protection. It complements the existing ILO Conventions and Recommendations related to social security.

The Recommendation provides guidance to Member States, so as to ensure that all members of society enjoy at least a basic level of social security throughout their lives. It provides guidance to countries

  • in establishing and maintaining national social protection floors as a fundamental element of their national social security systems and
  • in implementing their floors within strategies for the extension of social security that progressively ensure higher levels of social security to as many people as possible, guided by ILO social security standards.