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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

Social Protection Education

Updated by Victoria Giroud-Castiella on 05.09.2014

The provision of reliable and adequate information and also education on social security, are basic components for the promotion and extension of social protection coverage.

The concept of "social protection education" refers to the process by which, through the provision of information and instruction, people:

  • Improve their understanding and awareness about different risks faced across life-cycle.
  • Know and exercise their citizens’ social protection rights and responsibilities.
  • Be informed about the social security services available and use them effectively.
  • Acquire skills and capabilities that let them make informed choices and take effective actions to improve their social security protection coverage.

The education and awareness of individuals about contingencies, social security issues and available services are instrumental to ensure an adequate level of social protection of the population.

It has been observed that those countries which have achieved appropriate levels of social protection coverage for the population have also developed sophisticated educational programmes for citizens, motivating the content of this web page, which derives from the experiences of those countries. In this context, this web page is a place for dialog and exchange of ideas and information about social protection extension strategies. 


Pension education

Under the social protection education framework, “pension education” is a crucial element which ensures the well-functioning and appropriate retirement-social–protection-system coverage for the population during their retirement period.

Over the last decade, many countries have developed "pension education" strategies with the objective of strengthening and promoting the extension of the pension system for the population.

To know more about the "pension education" concept and "pension education" strategies implemented in various countries around the world, go to pension education

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