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E-LEARNING: Introduction to ILO/HEALTH for actuarial modelling on health protection

13 – 22  September 2021

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4 hours





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06 September 2021 (at midnight  Geneva time)



Actuarial work is critical for the design and good governance of social health protection systems. Good administration of social health protection schemes based on sound long-term financial and actuarial projections is crucial to ensuring its ongoing sustainability. The new ILO/HEALTH online model offers institutions managing contributory and non-contributory health protection schemes a contemporary solution to support actuarial work. ILO/HEALTH incorporates state-of-the-art technology and the ILO’s field leadership in actuarial modelling for social security to create a user-friendly, highly intuitive and flexible tool, adaptable to the characteristics and needs of most social health protection schemes. In line with the ISSA-ILO Guidelines for Actuarial Work on Social Security, and informed by decades of the ILO’s work on actuarial methodologies for social security systems, ILO/HEALTH provides institutions managing social health protection a reliable, affordable and sophisticated tool.


This e-learning course aims to introduce the new ILO Actuarial Health Model, ILO/HEALTH, presenting its conceptual and methodological bases, as well as the main functionalities of the tool. The training will include the use of the online tool to carry out practical exercises of health reforms, such as changes in coverage, contribution rate, government transfers to health protection, and adjustments to the health package, the costs/fees of health packages and health interventions, the payment method to health providers, among others.


This course is geared towards actuaries, planners, policymakers and practitioners who are working in institutions in charge of social health protection and health ministries interested in using the ILO/HEALTH actuarial model. It is also catered towards employers’ and workers’ representatives members on social security boards who wish improve their knowledge on actuarial modelling on health. There is no academic prerequisite for enrolling in this course.


The e-learning course will focus on:

  • The main features and functional processes of the ILO/HEALTH model.
  • The key advantages of adopting the model for institutions administrating social health protection schemes.
  • Practical examples of reforms in health protection and analysis using ILO/HEALTH.
  • A practical set of exercises performed by participants in the online tool during the training.


The course combines live interactive sessions, engaging video presentations by experienced trainers and a flexible self-guided online learning component to give participants access to learning, anytime and from anywhere. Participants will also be provided with temporary access to the ILO/HEALTH online tool to perform practical exercises on actuarial modelling. Tutorials will also be scheduled to clarify conceptual and technical issues, and to allow participants to discuss and share with peers and tutors.


Participants will be provided with a certificate upon completion of the online modules.


Course contents are intended to be for users with working knowledge in English, though options are available for access to some materials in other languages. Webinars will be conducted in English and Spanish, and videos on the e-learning platform will have the option to auto-generate captions in other languages.