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Round table call
18.07.2019 , Simeon Bond

Premiere reunion du Comite Technique d'Appui et de Suivi de la Revue du systeme de protection sociale, 13 fevrier 2019
14.03.2019 , Céline Peyron Bista

10th Social Protection Inter-agency Cooperation Board meeting
29.03.2018 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Second Development Partners Meeting of the ILO's Flagship Programme on Building Social Protection Floors for All
29.03.2018 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Third meeting of the Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors
29.03.2018 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella
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ITC-ILO Training

ISSA Guidelines, Knowledge Sharing and Innovation, 8-12 June 2020
17.01.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Emerging technologies on social protection (new), 23-27 November 2020
17.01.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Actuarial modeling for social protection analysts, 16–27 November 2020
17.01.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Impact assessment for social protection analysts, 26 October–6 November 2020
17.01.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Public finance for social protection analysts, 12-23 October 2020
17.01.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella
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French reforms: Why France is resisting Macron's push on pensions
17.02.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Venezuela: La seguridad social insegura
14.02.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

República Dominicana: Pensiones llevan trabajadores a la pobreza total
06.02.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Japan to amend laws to help elderly work until 70
06.02.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

México: Muy pocas empleadas domésticas en Yucatán son afiliadas al IMSS por sus patrones
20.01.2020 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella
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Video: On your own
22.01.2018 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

The 9th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour reiterates commitment to extend social protection to migrant workers.
23.11.2016 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

ASEAN's governments, workers and employers recommend strengthening social protection to build better resilience to disasters
23.11.2016 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

World Bank, ILO announce new push for universal social protection
22.09.2016 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Tanzania's Workers Compensation Fund will provide employment injury insurance to 2 million formal sector workers
24.08.2016 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella
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ILO launches World Social Protection Report 2017-19
29.03.2018 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

ILO launches Social Protection Floor Calculator
29.03.2018 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

An ILO report says successful ASEAN integration requires social protection
03.12.2015 , Céline Peyron Bista

ILO Comparative review of unemployment and employment insurance experiences in Asia and worldwide
03.10.2013 , Céline Peyron Bista

Linking the Social Protection Floor to Employment Interventions
02.10.2012 , Xiong Thongleck
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Training on social security mechanisms, 28-30 November 2018, Dakar
11.01.2019 , Céline Peyron Bista

Social protection for sustainable development
29.03.2018 , Victoria Giroud-Castiella

Workshop "Establishing a compulsory medical insurance fund and its functioning: best practices of Moldova and Russia", Tajikistan, 29 November 2017
07.12.2017 , Artiom Sici

Maternity Protection trainings for labour and legal inspectors of Trade Unions, the Republic of Tajikistan, Kurgan-Tube 12-13 September and Kalaihum (Darvaz) 15-16 September 2017
18.09.2017 , Artiom Sici

Maternity Protection training for labour and legal inspectors of Trade Unions, the Republic of Tajikistan, Kairakum, 15-16 June 2017
21.06.2017 , Artiom Sici