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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

RAP workshop

A RAP workshop was held during 2-3 June 2015. It had three objectives:

  • to train CG members on using the RAP model (based on a fictitious country "Coresia");
  • to familiarize the CG with the RAP model for the Philippines; and
  • to design scenarios and decide the parameters for the Philippines.

RAPpers at the workshop!


Download the agenda

Day 1: 2 June 2015

Session 1: Presentation on "Designing scenarios and RAP model" by ILO. Download the presentation

Session 2: Quiz "Who wants to be a protectionnaire?". The quiz enabled four groups of participants to earn budget money for the subsequent group activity. Download the quiz and instructions

Session 3: Group activity on "Using the RAP model for Coresia". The four groups used the RAP model and their budget to estimate the cost of an SPF in Coresia. Following this, the groups presented the results of the activity to a fictitious Coresian government. The activity was facilitated by the ILO. Download the RAP for Coresia and accompanying instructions and clues

Session 4: Presentation of the initial draft of the scenarios and RAP model for the Philippines by ILO. Download the RAP model

Day 2: 3 June 2015

Session 5: CG discussion to frame scenarios and decide parameters of the RAP model for the Philippines. Download the minutes (prepared by DOLE)minutes (prepared by ILO) and scenarios decided by the workshop


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