Melhores práticas. Advocacia para protecção social. O caso da Semana de Protecçao Social em Moçambique

De Lima Vieira, A.; Vicente Andrés, R.; Monteiro, D.; Organização Internacional do Trabalho
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This document reports on the evolution of the Mozambican Social Protection Week between 2012 and 2019. It starts by presenting the concept of the Week and its implementation, and follows on with a description of its evolution. It then highlights the main results achieved, reflects on the lessons learnt and concludes with an analysis of the challenges faced and recommendations for improving the Week in the future.

Advocacy activities have played a central role in the evolution of the national social protection system in Mozambique. Based on the knowledge gathered during the implementation of Social Protection Weeks, the aim of this document is to inform national and international players on how to maximize the results of this type of intervention on building a Social Protection Floor.

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