Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Inter-Agency Show and Tell Meeting 2010 - Social Protection

International Labour Office, Geneva

ILO, Social Security Department
social protection policy - pensions - old age - ILO standards
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Summary (English)

The Inter Agency Show and Tell Meeting 2010 on Social Protection took place May 12, 2010 at the International Labour Office in Geneva.


Agenda of the Inter-agency Show and Tell Meeting 2010 Social Protection, 12 May 2010, ILO

Panorama of agency activities in the area of Social Protection

  1. ILO Social Security Department: Activities in 2009 and 2010

  2. WHO - Health financing and Social Health Protection

  3. Providing For Health (P4H)

  4. Social protection and labor work at the World Bank

  5. UNICEF Social Protection Work an overview

  6. Social protection in development cooperation: EC perspective

  7. Social Protection - current DFID engagement


  9. Social Protection in German Development Cooperation

Social Protection data, statistics and tools

  1. ILO Measuring Social Protection - Taking stock of our statistical knowledge

  2. World Bank The social protection atlas

  3. Existing WHO approaches - frameworks - tools relevant to Social Health Protection

  4. ISSA International Barometer of Social Security Administrations

Thematic Exchange: Social Protection Floor and Safety Nets

  1. World Bank: Safety Nets Today

  2. ILO: The Social Protection Floor and Social Safety Nets: Two alternative concepts?