Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Social protection assessment based national dialogue. A good practices guide

Processes and tools developed in East and South-East Asia from 2011 to 2013

Schmitt, V.; De, L.
Asia and the Pacific
Guide / manual
health care - income security - assessment - social assistance - statistics - social protection floor
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Summary (English)

The guide is a resource package that provides the knowledge and expertise for conducting an assessment based national dialogue (ABND) exercise, which is the first step towards implementing nationally defined social protection floors. It is based on real experiences of countries in Asia. Its standardized and systematic approach can serve several purposes, including training, self-learning, and conducting full-fledged ABND exercises at the national and regional levels.

Download the high resolution pdf.

Download the Factsheet of the guide here.

An electronic version of the guide (e-box) can be accessed here. The e-box contains, in addition to the pdf, presentations, videos and tutorials, instructions for group activities, the case study and sample solution for Coresia.