Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems


Actuarial practice in social security

Quantitative Methods in Social Protection Series

Plamondon, P.; Drouin, A.; Binet, G.; Cichon, M.; McGillivray, W.; Bédard, M.; Perez-Montas, H.; ILO, ISSA
International Labour Office, International Social Security Association
Quantitative Method Series (ILO)
actuarial valuation - disability - financing - old age - unemployment - cash / in-kind benefits
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Summary (English)

Presents technical material on valuation covering a wide-range of risks including old age, survivors, disability, sickness, maternity, employment injury, and unemployment. Provides concrete examples of work done by actuaries. It discusses the valuation of pensions, short-term cash benefits like sickness, maternity and unemployment insurance and examines the valuation of employment injury benefits as well. In addition, the book devotes special attention to what should be included in the actuarial report and presents a practical exercise to illustrate the important points discussed in the volume.

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