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Social Protection, a solution for sustainable development

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Visit ILO’s exhibition on 100 years of social protection

The exhibition around the world

Third Meeting of the Multi-Stakeholder Partnership for SDG 1.3
24 October 2018
Fifth session of the Committee on Social Development of UNESCAP
26-30 November 2018
Leiden University
04 February 2019
The Netherlands
Commission for Social Development
11 – 15 February 2019
New York

Host the exhibition

Are you interested in hosting the exhibition? Different options are possible.

We can send you the panels or you can download the files and print locally. Contact us!

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Learn from country experiences on social protection systems and floors

Countries that have achieved effective universal coverage in at least one branch of social protection (dark blue: country briefs are available)

You can support more countries to build Universal Social Protection systems and floors

Listen to people's voices:
social protection floors change the lives of millions

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Promote the ratification of ILO Convention No. 102

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Campaign for universal social protection #USP2030

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