ILO Global Flagship Programme

In 2016, the ILO launches a new global flagship programme for social protection. This programme can make social protection floors (SPFs) a national reality in 21 target countries that still have underdeveloped or fragmented social protection systems. At the country level, the programme carries out assessments of social protection situations and provides recommendations to build nationally-defined social protection floors, supports the design of new schemes or reforms of existing schemes, supports their implementation and improves the operations of social protection systems. A global campaign supports the whole process to inform, train, and convince decision-makers of the importance of implementing social protection systems and developing partnerships to maximize the positive impacts.

Partnerships are developed with public and private donors that wish to contribute to the promotion and establishment of social protection worldwide. Donors only support the initial implementation of social protection floors (start-up investments and development of capacities to plan, design, implement, and operate appropriate schemes) and not the recurring costs of basic social protection guarantees or social protection floors (pensions and other cash transfers, administrative costs, among others) which are affordable in the majority of developing countries and can be financed by national resources in a sustainable manner.


The Global Flagship Programme brochure and strategy:

Country and thematic opportunities documents: