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Social Protection

Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

World social security report 2010/11 | Statistical Annex

Part A The demographic, economic and labour market environment

Demographic indicators
Table 1
Demographic trends: Dependency ratios
Table 2
Demographic trends: Ageing
Table 3
Fertility, child and maternal mortality, life expectancy at birth
Table 4
Life expectancy at 20 or 60 years old
Labour force and employment indicators
Tables 5-6
Labour force to population ratios at ages 15-64 yrs and 65+ yrs
Tables 7-8
Employment to population ratio at ages 15-24 yrs and 15+ yrs
Table 9
Status in employment
Table 10
Unemployment as a percentage of the labour force
Economic and  poverty indicators
Table 11
Poverty and income distribution
Table 12
Levels of vulnerability
Table 13

Part B Social security coverage and expenditure

Social security legal provision
Table 14
Ratification of ILO social security Conventions
Table 15
Global statutory provisions
Tables 16-19
Main  features of statutory programmes for a selection of social  security risks or needs , includes:
Table 16
     Old age
Table 17
     Employment injury
Table 18
Table 19 
     Regional estimates
Table 20  
Maternity social security legal provision
Social security indicators of effective coverage
Table 21
Indicators of effective coverage: old age
Table 22a
Indicators of effective coverage: unemployment benefits (annual data)
Table 22b
Indicators of effective coverage: unemployment during the financial crisis 2008-2010 (monthly data on unemployed receiving unemployment benefits)
Tables 23-24
Indicators of effective coverage: Employment injury -  active contributors (23) and occupational injuries (24)
Social security expenditure
Table 25
Public  social security expenditure as a percentage of GDP
Table 26
Public social security expenditure by branch (percentage of GDP)
Specific health indicators
Table 27
Total  health care expenditure not financed by private household's out of pocket payments (Updated)
Table 28
Health coverage and access to medical care: births attended by skilled health staff & Child immunization 
Table 29
Multiple dimensions of health

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