Thematic areas

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Pillar 2

The Flagship Programme supports the three-step approach at country level by providing specialized knowledge in 16 thematic areas in order to support Member States in building national social protection systems that are comprehensive and adequate, universal and robust.

Thematic support is provided in the 50 priority countries under pillar 1 but it may also be provided to other countries, based on their demand for specialized technical assistance.

Role of the Flagship programme in the 16 thematic areas

  • The development of policy and technical methodologies and tools aligned with ILO principles and good practices collected from around the world
  • The implementation of these methodologies and tools in the Flagship priority countries and other countries that request support
  • The development or consolidation of the Technical Support Facility to provide on-demand and timely specialized services
  • The documentation of relevant country experiences
  • The organization of regional and global seminars on the topic to share experiences, country cases and promote South-South learning
  • The further dissemination of ILO approaches through global networks

Technical Support Facility

The Technical Support Facility (TSF) allows the Social Protection Department and its Global Technical Team to provide timely and high quality support on strengthening different areas of social protection in line with ILO standards. It is composed of experts that are entirely dedicated to supporting ILO constituents at country level; based on this support, TSF experts also document good practices and further develop the knowledge base related to their area of technical expertise (for example policy and technical briefs, good practices guides, capacity-building packages, online quantitative tools and so on).

Find out more about the TSF in our dedicated brochure (upcoming)

The thematic approaches, tools and knowledge products will be adjusted and further developed through a dynamic feedback loop, leading to the development or improvement of good practices guides and tools.

Learn more about each thematic area by visiting their dedicated workspaces or reading the Thematic Annex that summarises our approach.