The establishment of social protection floors has increasingly been recognized by all countries as an efficient approach to reduce vulnerability and strengthen resilience to natural calamities and other shocks, as well as combating poverty, inequality, and exclusion. The level of engagement on social protection has increased dramatically as evidenced by the number of United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs) that prioritize the development of social protection. Several UN agencies have joined forces to promote social protection floors and support countries in designing and implementing their national social protection strategies.

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Thursday, 8 September
9:00-10:30 am
Dr Bouaphat Phonvisay
Deputy Director, National Health Insurance Bureau, Lao PDR
Ms Than Than NU
Director, Insurance DivisionSocial Security Board, Myanmar
Ms Arildiipurev Tsevelragchaa
Director of International Cooperation Division, MoLSP, Mongolia
Mr. Thaworn Sakunphanit
Health Insurance System Research Office, Thailand
Mr. Luu Quang Tuan
Deputy Director, Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs, Viet Nam
Mrs. Valerie Schmitt


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